Ballet Hotties- The Royal Ballet


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this is perfect…but wait when did Valentino become first soloist????????

These are few of the best ballet pictures I’ve ever seen.

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Attention YB students. I’m trying to start a Christian art based club. The goal is to give away Bible’s to kids at our school. If you are interested in helping me out just let me know (yes I will be the getting these Bible’s.)


Gustavo Torres is a 36 year old Argentinian GIF artist. He began making art around the age of three due to having parents who are designers and musicians. He is inspired by the fact that art is one of the few things in the world you can use to express whatever you feel and want. He posts his art on Tumblr as kidmograph.


arcanines-orgasm you already know
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Featured curator: Justin Ruckman

Kees Veenenbos uses NASA Mars Orbiter data and Terragen rendering software to create these very realistic-looking martian landscapes. His work has been used heavily by NASA, as well as featured in National Geographic and NOVA.

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Hello lovely wonderful friends!

This is the sixth part of a sermon series called "Snapshots: The Men & Women of the Bible.”  It explores how the people in the Bible were just as fallen as you and me, and how God worked through them.

This message is titled: Leah, The Unloved: Breaking The Prison of People-Pleasing & Codependency.

it’s about breaking out of people-pleasing, codependency, peer pressure, and fear of man, and how to quit squeezing approval from others and instead appreciate them for who they really are.

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Some things I talk about are: The uncomfortable story about that one Thanksgiving dinner where my entire family fist-fought each other and moved out, lessons from the somewhat unethical Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment, the two toxic ways we’re trapped by people-pleasing, when churches uphold a triumphalist self-affirming theology of “hate-the-haters,” when a child gives you a cute drawing but it’s terrible, and the only who’s ever got your back for all time.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J

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Featured Curator of the Week: Byron Galán [Betype]

Calligraffiti by Pokras Lampas.

Pokras Lampas is a Russian artist specialised on calligraphy on different mediums, he is very skilled handling brushes, spray, sharpies and the canvas the he choose vary from paper to the skin of girls.

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This is literally the cutest lizard to ever grace my bathroom floor

arcanines-nipple haha!! Most MAJESTICAL lizard I’ve ever seen
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